FACT:  THREE in every FIVE women are negatively affected at work as a result of the Menopause;


FACT:  Women do not want to publicly air their symptoms but want their Company to be proactive in supporting them;


FACT:  By supporting women through the Menopause, your organisation will benefit from increased engagement and loyalty, as well as lower sickness and employee turnover.



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Watch our FREE 40 minute webinar, as Trudi Roscouet, founder of Vitality40plus, reveals the importance of:


  • understanding the symptoms, both physical and mental, that could affect work and family;
  • how to avoid discrimination on the grounds of gender or disability;
  • how to optimise performance and find workable solutions; 
  • how to promote inclusion, healthy working life balance/blend and increase colleagues’ morale.


This webinar is an ideal introduction for Directors, People Managers, HR Managers & HR Partners, as it describes clearly how to approach this important topic in a workplace setting.


Watch our Understanding Menopause Webinar Here



This 6-week bespoke course is aimed for both men and women who want to understand a phase of life which has been mostly ignored until recent years. It is aimed at all working individuals who would benefit from better awareness of this important and sensitive topic.


Trudi Roscouet, founder of Vitality40plus, offers science-based information to help us understand what menopause is, and how it affects us. She also presents strategies for managing the effects. Her knowledge comes from first-hand

experience, plus her expertise in fitness and well-being. 


  1. Symptoms and understanding of the Menopause
  2. Nutrition and its role in the process
  3. Exercise and Activity – “To Move or not to Move”
  4. Sleep – How to get a good night
  5. Importance of Wellbeing
  6. Putting the “MEN into Menopause” – aimed at male colleagues and line managers


This course can be run in-house over a number of in-person or online sessions.

Please contact us to register your interest, without obligation. We will keep you up to date with news and dates for this programme.


Contact: Justin Tipper


email: justin.tipper@ganlytipper.com,

call +44 (0)7624 490807


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Gerry Ganly

Gerry Ganly is an experienced industry practitioner, with skills and knowledge across the financial sectors. He has held senior roles in compliance, cash management and treasury, and relationship management. He has worked in, and consulted with, banks, compliance, CSP and investment environments