Why become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner?

  • You are a Certified Practitioner of NLP, and you wish to refresh your current skills, and make another step up to the next level of competence, expertise and knowledge
  • You know the difference that NLP has made to you already, and you want to discover more ways to apply NLP skills and tools to your own life
  • You work in an organisation, and wish to be able to add more powerful tools to your toolkit, so that your skills of diagnosing problems, communicating, shaping, influencing, leading and implementing solutions are second to none
  • You are a trainer, and you want your presentations to stand out from the pack, for you to deliver in a more confident, inspiring and memorable way, and for your audience to want more
  • You are a coach or therapist, and you want to discover new ideas and skills to help people to change more rapidly, more deeply, and more completely
  • You are fascinated by how the mind/body works, and you wish to reveal more of its secrets


Who will be leading the NLP Master Practitioner Training?

The course will be led by Justin Tipper Certified Trainer of NLP, and Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology™.


Justin has been using NLP in business and therapy for well over 20 years, on the Isle of Man, in the UK, and beyond. He has run transformational training courses within the social care sector, within financial institutions, in sports, in shipping, e-gaming, pharmaceuticals, and within Government.


What will I learn at the GanlyTipper NLP Master Practitioner Training?

The Master Practitioner course will allow you to learn new NLP techniques and tools, and take your expertise to a new and higher level. It includes advanced patterns of language, process and techniques modelled from the masters of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


During the NLP Master Practitioner Training you can expect to learn:

The unconscious blueprint for everything we do. A key component in motivation. Elicitation Changing Utilisation in personal and organisational contexts.


Sequences of internal and external representations that consistently achieve a specific outcomes or behaviours Elicitation Changing Installing Motivation & excellence strategies.

Highly unconscious filters to our perception Determine what we pay attention to and the style in which we communicate. Use to predict behaviour in others. Elicitation Changing Utilisation in organisational contexts


The optimum state of change, resourcing and healing. Learn to quickly create resourceful states, in order to connect with the unconscious, resolve issues, relax, promote creativity.

Quantum Languaging
Language is how we create our map of the world. Advanced presuppositions. Advanced language patterns – Decisions Destroyer, chaining modal operators, Time scramble, and more Advanced reframing – Sleight of mouth, Prime Concerns. Utilise conversationally to bring about influence and change.


Trainings & Presentations
Optimum one-to-many communication techniques. Creating the Learning state. Using metaphor 4-Mat System for content design and structure. Fielding questions with total confidence.

Time Lining
Your time line is a major determinant of personality, and how you filter your perceptions. Resolve past and future issues. Harness resources from the future, and apply them to now. Create conversational time shifts in order to help others with letting go of blocks to progress or agreement.

Breakthrough Sessions & NLP Coaching Model
Synthesis and application of all NLP techniques and skills. Learn how to run life-changing personal breakthrough sessions. Clear all blocks to achievement and focus on success. Assist others to create lasting change and consistently achieve their goals.


The basis and origin of all NLP. Learn elicitation techniques in order for you to model examples of excellence, and replicate in self and others.


How to use NLP applications in:
Business, Sales and Communication. Therapy and Relationships, Personal Growth and Change. Education and Learning.

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What are the dates for the training?

The next NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training is not scheduled yet. Please call or email if you are interested in being notified of future course dates.


Where will the Training take place?

Isle of Man, to be advised.


Prerequisites for this Training:

You must be a Certified Practitioner of NLP.


As with all our trainings, you will find it helpful to bring with you your attitude of curiosity, openness, and a willingness to play at 100%.


What investment is required?

The total investment required for the training is £2,995.00 (including VAT and Certification fees).


This price includes 13 days intensive training, a full set of study and reference materials, and Certification as an NLP Master Practitioner.


What do I do now?

Please email or call me on +44 (0)7624 490807 to register your interest.


There’s no obligation to take up a place once dates have been set.


Do you have a question?

Contact Justin Tipper


Email:, call +44 (0)7624 490807