This full day course builds upon the foundations laid in the ‘Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Markets Course’.


It is suitable for individuals who interact regularly with FX matters and provides them with the opportunity to work through the types of scenario they will encounter. As such there is plenty of practical work, with the aim of participants gaining an intuitive understanding of the processes that are involved when interacting with the markets.


This course is highly recommended for individuals preparing for the ACI examinations. Click here for more details:


The workshop is very interactive with group sessions and questions. There are ongoing exercises and participation throughout the day.


Who should attend?

  •      Foreign exchange administrators
  •      Bankers, front office or back office staff
  •      Fund administrators
  •      Investment administrators
  •      Custodians
  •      Treasury administrators


Learning objectives / What will I learn?

At the end of this course, delegates will:


  •      Have an in-depth understanding of foreign exchange dealing practice
  •      Be able to calculate complex spot and forward rates, and option pricing
  •      Appreciate different strategies and their merits and risks


Content Overview

The Foreign Exchange Markets – Recap


  •      Spot Rates – Definition, Base Currency, Inverse rates
  •      Forward Rates – Definition, the Components & Forward Points
  •      Options – Definition, to Exercise or Not to Exercise
  •      Practical Exercises


Spot Rates

  •      Market Quotations and the universal language
  •      Currency Pairs
  •      Cross Currency Rates and Information Required
  •      Inverse Rates and impact on LHS & RHS of Rates
  •      Interest Rates and their Impact – Intuition
  •      Pre -Spot Rates – value Today and value Tomorrow
  •      Trading – Bid & Offer
  •      ‘Yours & Mine ‘
  •      Practical Exercises


Forward Rates

  • Interest Rate Differential & Forward Points
  • Impact of Changes in the Interest Rates
  • The concept of the Swap
  • Buying & Sell or Selling & Buying
  • Forward Dates – Standard Interbank Calendar dates and conventions- 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc
  • Forward dates – Customer Bespoke Broken Dates
  • Forward Rate Calculation -combining the Spot Rate and the Forward Points
  • Forward Broken Dates – calculation
  • Arbitrage
  • Practical Exercises


Foreign Currency Options

  •      Different Types of Option and their nuances
  •      The Premium and the Factors that affect it – Some Terminology
  •      Value of an Option – In or Out of the Money
  •      Time value
  •      Intrinsic value
  •      Market Uses
  •      Practical Exercises


Option v Spot Rates v Forward Rates

  •      Option v Spot Rates v Forward Rates
  •      Strategy & Policy
  •      Corporate Business or Proprietary Trading
  •      Practical Exercises



1 day


£350 + VAT


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Gerry Ganly

Gerry Ganly is an experienced industry practitioner, with skills and knowledge across the financial sectors. He has held senior roles in compliance, cash management and treasury, and relationship management. He has worked in, and consulted with, banks, compliance, CSP and investment environments