British ex-Pats, who are considering returning to live in the UK, may have accumulated levels of wealth which, anecdotally, they understand they should protect by wrapping the wealth in an offshore structure as a matter of course. Is this really the case? It may not be based on the individual’s personal circumstances, but what are the criteria that should be brought in to play, when deciding how best to optimise their position from the moment they arrive in the UK.


This half day workshop will take Corporate Service Providers and Trust Fiduciaries through the issues that need to be considered when they are interacting with clients in order to arrive at the most appropriate answer for the client. It will be interactive and use practical exercises and case study to consolidate the learning process.


The course is delivered by Bernard O’Kelly BCL, AITI CTA, Barrister-at-Law, Fios Limited, Isle of Man. Bernard has been providing practical tax advice and solutions ‘offshore’ for 30 years.


Who should attend?

  • Accountants
  • Bankers
  • CSPs
  • Custodians
  • Fiduciary specialists
  • Tax specialists
  • Trustees


Content Overview

  • The danger of advice from the ‘man in the pub’!
  • Returning to the UK
    • When are they proposing to return (and why this matters)?
    • What will they do upon returning (and why this matters)?
  • Fiscal Connections with the UK or other countries
    • The importance and the potential opportunities.
    • Where were they born?
    • Domicile and its impact (Origin/Dependency/Choice)
    • Deemed Domicile and its impact?
    • Citizenship/Nationality/Residency
    • How much time have they spent in the UK in recent years?
  • Protection of the Assets – action steps
    • What assets has the individual accumulated?
    • The type of asset and why this is important?
    • How long have they been held? Are any of the assets UK situs?
    • Could/Should assets: Be Sold? Be Held? Be Gifted?
  • Structure Type – what does and doesn’t create UK tax liabilities?



1 half day.



£245 + VAT


A 10% discount will be applied to the 3rd and sequent attendees from the same firm. Companies may wish to consider the delivery of an in-house workshop.


Contact: Gerry Ganly


Email gerry.ganly@ganlytipper.com, call +44 (0)7624 490809


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Gerry Ganly

Gerry Ganly is an experienced industry practitioner, with skills and knowledge across the financial sectors. He has held senior roles in compliance, cash management and treasury, and relationship management. He has worked in, and consulted with, banks, compliance, CSP and investment environments