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Many business people feel overwhelmed by their inbox, from time to time. Too many emails, some irrelevant, some spam, provide a constant distraction. You can easily find you have very little focus to deal with real issues.


What can you do to regain control?


Close your email programme down for an hour at a time. 

What?! Heresy! “What if my boss or a customer sends me an urgent message!” some people say. Well if it’s really urgent and important, they shouldn’t be using email; they should call you or send you an instant message. Following up with an email is fine, but don’t use it for urgent requests.


Only check your email every 60 minutes: 

nobody reasonably expects an instant response. After all, you have meetings right? And phone calls? Yes, you do. Give yourself a break from constant interruptions, and close your email programme now. Set a timer for 60 minutes.


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