Understand the world with NLP - Part 1

Neuro Linguistic Programming , or NLP, is the software manual for your brain.


Consider the device you are likely sitting in front of; there’s a screen that displays information, and keyboard and pointer for input. This is all conscious to you.


Behind the screen and the cover, that’s where the processing happens. The vast majority of this is hidden from you. You are unconscious of it.


Your mind is similar in this respect: there is a conscious level, and many unconscious levels. At the conscious level, you may be aware of individual words on the page, and your emotional reaction to this message. 


Unconsciously though, there is a lot more going on: a huge resource of knowledge and programmes (e.g., reading, how to operate the device, bodily monitoring, balance, etc etc) . Most of it hidden, most of the time.


In a nutshell

People experience conscious levels, and are unaware of their unconscious levels. Including you. Don’t underestimate your amazing potential.