This higher-level certificate is a specialised qualification in fund administration. It draws on our expertise in developing the broader Level 5 IFA programme, and particularly the Fund Administration module.


If you already have suitable qualifications to work in the trust and company administration area, but you would like an additional qualification in fund administration, this certificate offers a qualification specifically tailored to helping you progress in your chosen field.


Admission to this Certificate is open to anyone as a short course qualification. 


This is a standalone qualification, which also forms part of the IFA5 series of modules.


The Institute’s costs are indicated here: 


Advice & Assistance

Please contact us for assistance in understanding and finding the right qualification for you.


Exemptions to part or entire levels are agreed with the Institute on a case by case basis subject to pertinent existing other qualifications or experience attained.


Email:, call +44 (0)7624 490809.