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ACI’s suite of globally acknowledged, portable, professional qualifications are acknowledged by the FCA as contributing to continuing professional development.


In today’s markets, it is particularly relevant for market participants to be able to qualify their professionalism and adherence to industry best practice through appropriate ACI Certificates and Diplomas, including the Global Code Certificate.


ACI’s suite of professional qualifications are recognised as “Appropriate Qualifications” in the FCA Handbook.


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ACI Global Code

The ACI FX Global Code Certificate offers formal testing and qualification of an individual’s comprehensive understanding of the principles set out in the Code, testing practical application of aligned best market practices with real ‘use case’ scenarios.


The Certificate is an excellent first step to demonstrating adherence to the Global Code to relevant competent authorities and a potential differentiator in respect of ‘Code compliance’ and career development.


ACI Dealing Certificate

The ACI Dealing Certificate New Version Exam covers the basic competence skills for the new entrants in dealing floors and all other financial markets roles related to foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities instruments. The Syllabus has been built to allow basic understanding of these instruments and the related financial market segments, therefore providing the required competence level for existing or future financial markets professionals.


ACI Operation Certificate

The ACI Operations Certificate New Version exam has been designed to cover the basic competence skills for the new entrants in roles of Back and Middle Office environments, as a well-trained and efficiently organised Treasury Operations Department is essential to complete every financial markets transaction. This Department provides a vital service to the Front Office by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and that all necessary documentation is completed.


ACI Diploma

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